Monday, November 2, 2009

bokja design.

"bokja is is an old turkish description for an embellished velvet wrapping of treasured items for special occasions, notably the embroidered dowry of a bride".
i know many of you may have seen bokja design before in blogland but i had to feature some beautiful colors and fabrics this autumn monday morning.

i would love a piece of bokja design furniture in my home, adding that spice to a space that is lacking. they are curious pieces, and one could spend a while just looking at the patterns, the intricacies of each piece. i just love them. they call back to my days, where in my family everyone played guitar (no seriously they did and still do), wine was on the table in the evening (seriously and still is :) and folk music was played religiously (seriously, and still is).
my somewhat hippie, bohemian past and a tad of all that for the present in some ways i suppose surfaces while taking in these pieces by bokja design. does that ever really leave you once it has been instilled? not necessarily a bad thing.
enjoy your (hippie-esq) monday eyeballing bokja's designs! (and if they make you want to run and grab a guitar, i don't blame you one bit :)

1 comment:

L'Atelier said...

Love it! i could spend hours looking at them, and would love to own a piece.
so do you play guitar robin?