Friday, October 30, 2009

friday mixy things.

there are just too many things, spaces, colors, styles, seasons, tastes and textures i'm drawn to at this very moment, on this fall friday, that i had to mix it up.

this warm red space. here.

robin's egg blue anything. here.

this dress, here.

this thought. i forget where.

this intense color blue, here.

this exact couch. here.

this table. here.

this pink wall and that swirly chair fabric, here.

ah, this space. here.

all of these, here.

pretty covered stones, here.

this warm and wintery bracelet, here.

this fabulously creative initial book case, found here.

what are you drawn to right now? what color? are you missing summer or thoroughly enjoying fall? what are you doing this upcoming weekend?
i am plugging away on beaucoup homework, but am itchy to get in the car and drive. either towards western mass. for some fall foliage eyecandy, or to boston and take in the latest at the museums and eat yummy city food. not sure yet, i'll have to run it by the family. hey, enjoy your friday and your weekend ahead. see you soon...:)


My Owl Barn said...

Great picks! I love, love that rug in the first pic, bathroom, brown couch ..gorgeous!


Oh...me too...me too...luv it all.

Beach Vintage said...

I love those giant letters next to the blue chest.

Kellie Collis said...

Love that ginger jar! x