Wednesday, October 14, 2009

feeling felty.

today upon waking the news said it was 39 degrees. yeah that's right. i'm sort of not ready for those temperatures yet. not quite yet. not that i have any control over this you see. but i do have control over getting cozy and warm and i also have a love for felt. the options for designing and decorating with felt are many...

urchin poufs by flocks. sprinkle them around any space, a children's room, a casual family living room, the choices are endless and fun. "hand knit using strong wool from new zealand crossbred sheep".

there are so many fabulous felted wall panels out there right now, with many eye popping patterns cut into them, offering not only sound proofing to your space but that much needed element of texture. these by selina rose i just...love!

this hanging woolzily light is simply stunning. "light shines through multiple layers of one twining woollen thread – like a hidden source of brightness gleaming trough dark thicket. the gaze follows the line winding around at a stretch and pierces the lamp through apertures of differing sizes. the turbulent woollen surface creates a soft light for a snug and calm atmosphere. though the concept is simple, the shape is complex."

the soft wall by b&b italia.
"soft wall is a wall for defining, dividing and storing is a soft, functional, sculpture-like piece at the same time. a soft, functional, sculpturelike piece, soft wall is the ideal solution for defining, dividing and storing. designed to accommodate the objects we need only from time to time (which would otherwise take up space on small tables, on shelves and in containers). how fabulous also as a room divider, possibly in a children's room or your home office?

high or low thick wool felt armchairs by cassina. could you just sink right in? oh yeah...

stack your favorite design mags with this felt-upholstered steel plated holder by materia. offering strong graphic expression, this is not your average magazine rack.

looking for a conversation piece for your commercial or residential space? well you've got it with this two-tone felt cappellini peacock chair.

how fun would these felt rocks by molo be in a child's room to surround yourself with and play? soft rocks, so pretty too.

are you able to stay in and cozy today? not me, i'm off to paint at a friends house, then off to classes later. it was hard getting out of my warm covers this chilly morning. but being surrounded by any or all of these felt pieces and they would surely lure me out. enjoy!


Jules said...

hi robin! what a fun post - i especially love the wool felt armchairs...i'd like to curl up in one right now! wow, 39 degrees? today is the first "official" rain of the season and i'm loving it. haven't had much rain since last spring. however, 65 degrees is considered "cold" to us californians! ha ha :) enjoy your day.

Kellie Collis said...

People are so clever out there! I am constantly amazed!

Dale said...

So cozy and warm for fall and winter. I love the peekaboo felt circle wall decor.