Wednesday, October 7, 2009

eric roth photography.

it seems, in my search of interior inspiration, that many of the environments i happen upon, the one's that stop me are photographed by eric roth. from metropolitan home, to elle decor, to coastal living. the creators of creative spaces rely on eric roth to help us see it. to really see it.

i suppose i'm in an eclectic mood lately, not being drawn to any one style, but so many styles all at once. but how fun is that? i certainly know my own style, but desiring others is also great fun. pulling elements out, from lighting, to texture, to color only helps you as a designer imagine the possibilities. we have to feed off of one another, it's how the creative world spins after all.

today is gusty and rainy and gray, but that's ok. i'm behind on class work, so no excuses to get outside, a day to read, to be indoors, dreaming of spaces like these in between homework. enjoy your day!


A Life More Fabulous said...

Love the bold black and white stencils in the living room - this has been one of my favourite spaces for a long time!

Heather said...

A good photographer really can make a difference can't they? I love viewing things through another's eyes and some love to see just like me.