Monday, September 7, 2009

domus design collection.

how cute and fabulous are these stubby bedside tables? a great alternative to your average height and style of bedside table, keeps the space interesting at different heights like that.

designed by hugo de ruiter, the ds-1164 bed is spectacular with these adjustable headreasts and headboards. a very urban bachelor look.

this "you and me" bed has plenty of space for breakfast in bed, late night reading or catching up on computer work on your laptop. utilizing the pillows as a ready made headboard is genius, and the fun thing is changing out the pillows from time to time to have a revolving look, even seasonally.

ddc also carries an exquisite line of linens and accessories that have that luxurious look, for luxurious furniture.

designed by franz romero, this ds-57 club chair offers racy, deep, spill into seating, yet quiet and unassuming in it's design. perfect for any residential or commercial spaces. very inviting pieces.

the byron mini seat/stool in it's polished chrome design could occupy space just about anywhere. how about two of them at the foot of your bed? or in a bathroom beside a tub? so many options with a versatile and mobile piece like this.

the boss bench is a favorite of mine also for it's versatility. again, at the foot of any bed, behind a couch, as a coffee table, on an outdoor patio, just so elegant and useful at the same time. with back panels also available, your seating has moved now into a mini couch. and i love tufted anything!

the boss bed, with it's painted base of steel, and headboard in either stretched fabric or leather portrays refined elegance with a modern twist. and again, a tufted headboard, you cannot go wrong!

designed by roberto lazzeroni, the a.j. bar stools are a new favorite of mine too, for both residential and commercial space. at home around a kitchen center island or bar. out on the patio, lined up along a beautiful commercial bar or commercial outdoor space. the simple and organic shape to them, draws me in and welcomes me to sit and stay a while.

and while pouffs are very in vogue right now both in use, design and comfort, there is always a new take on the pouff. these svelt design fit in anywhere, both residentially and commercially. sprinkled throughout a space offers up a casual yet modern feel, perfect for kids rooms too!

happy monday and happy labor day. hoping you are relaxing, blogging :) and taking it extra easy today. don't you wish you could take it extra easy on one of these fabulous finds from ddc? oh, i do! especially some of their beds, are you kidding? wow.
we beached it yesterday, napped, ate, swam, caught up on a few of my favorite magazines, certainly a fabulous sunday. off to school shop with my son for last minute things, enjoy!


nookie said...

love the you and me bed:)

L'Atelier said...

i love the bedside tables....
the bed are very cool too!
hope all is well at cape cod :)

Callie Grayson said...

the linens are so pretty in that blue.
and that stool, i want one no make that 2.
hope your day was fantastic!!

Beach Vintage said...

I like the 'you and me' one, it looks so comfy and you could spread out with heaps of magazines I think. Thanks so much for dropping by Beach Vintage and leaving a comment.

Kellie Collis said...

Love that soft turquoise colour!