Monday, July 13, 2009


* so yesterday i was driving to the shop and once i got there i turned the car around, called my teenager son and ordered him to jump into swim trunks and that we were spending a day together! he actually went along with no complaints, to breakfast and then to the beautiful beach...where we read our books, people watched and most of all had time together, alone. so...here is the post i was going to add on monday, but just didn't get to it!

driade hall sofa. designed by rodolfo dordoni. i also love this photo with the very masculine couch perched on this feminine & flowery sofa.

knoll laccio low tables. "as a bauhaus apprentice in 1925, marcel breuer conceived the low table as a companion to the wassily chair, the first tubular steel design based on the tubed frame of a bicycle."

texturally i'm loving these chairs for their fascinating combination of order and loss of control with the fabric. i could see these chairs situated around a very subtlely designed and simple table so that they would not compete but stand out on their beautiful own. baleri italia valentina C dining chair.

baleri italia naked dining chair.

i'm drawn to this table(even though i'm not a huge fan of glass topped tables), by the twisty, bent nature of the base and center. "the form of the baleri italia bentz dining table base derives from a simple profile swept along a down and up trajectory."

knoll lovegrove multi-color rectangular table with knoll tulip chairs.

nest carries my favorite rug designers product too, nani marquina and this roses rug!

love these glowing floor lamps, designed by marco romanelli & marta laundani.

how about this verpan illumesa floor light designed by verner panton.

loving nest, a company out of the uk with an edge and passion for contemporary, funky, conversation piece designs. no question about it. it's funny too, because i'm not at all a contemporary style person. my house is not full of modern this and modern that, at all, in fact just the opposite. i love mixing vintage with newer pieces and everything in between. but...for fun i do love seeing what companies come up with and if you look hard enough, even though you may not be a contemporary, modern designer, there is always a piece here and there that will certainly jazz up a space, bring it to the current, become a fun conversation piece or just accent that vintage look of a space. enjoy!

p.s..... the winner of the all modern alessi vase give-away is mavi over at maverick malone's blog! thanks to everyone who left a sweet comment and i hope avant garde can post more give-aways in the near future. i've won one or two from other bloggers and they are so fun! thanks again :)


georgia b. said...

that's awesome! i love that seized the day! it's what life should be all about. :)

and i am digging everything from nest.co.uk! absolute epitome of avant garde.

georgia b. said...

oops. i meant to say, "i love that you seized the day!"

L'Atelier said...

adore the roses rug!
congratulations to the winner :D
give-aways are the best thing ever!!!

so glad you had a brilliant day, those unplanned days are the best!