Friday, July 10, 2009

fashion friday! trend report...heavenly bodies.

dress by burberry. photo by imaxtree.

bustier dress, by burberry. photo by devon jarvis.

seventeenth century cameo ring with diamonds, from lydia courteille, paris. photo courtesy of lydia courteille.

silk dress, undercover, at linda dresner. photo by devon jarvis.

silver cuff, tom binns design. photo courtesy of tom binns design.

laminate resin earrings by silvia mariasis & noa ecco. photo by devon jarvis.

sheerling boot by nina ricci. photo courtesy of nina ricci.

silk jacket by dolce & gabbanna. photo by devon jarvis

vintage belt from what comes around goes around. photo by devon jarvis.

leather bag by roberto cavali. photo by devon jarvis.

is this a so very feminine year or what? not that i'm complaining, i'm enjoying the abundance both in fashion and interior design...of flowers, pretty colors, soft and sensual moods and utterly feminine focus.

elle magazine posted a trend report called heavenly bodies. funny because so much of this style mirrors the book i'm reading right now,"the birth of venus" which takes place in italy during the 15th century... the time when this art...now being depicted on clothing, belts, pocketbooks etc. was being painted, drawn and sculpted. (a link to the book i'm reading is on my sidebar, it's fabulous by the way)

i'm just swooning really over this style in fashion design right now and would love a chance to wear the first dress by burberry anywhere and for even a minute. how fabulous is that dress? what are your thoughts on this style of ultra feminine design, mixed up with a bit of history, art and sex appeal? is it for you? i think in bits and pieces i could certainly adorn myself with any and all of these items. enjoy...oh...and of course happy friday everyone! yeah!

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The Townhouselady said...
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The Townhouselady said...

Oh how I love these pieces. Particularly the Burberry dress and the Lydia Courteille ring. I did a series of posts on her 9 planets collection. exquisite work.

BTW, I'm holding an amazing giveaway on my blog. There are 4 different Lipstick Queen prize packages up for grabs (total retail $200). You can enter here.

L'Atelier said...

i love the burberry dress, and the intire post if i am honest. those booties are to die for!

julia. said...

looking good, indeed!

Callie Grayson said...

Love that Burberry dress!

gina said...

very cool fashion and the boots are amazing. I love the cameo ring.

Jules said...

great round-up robin! i'm loving this trend - so feminine and elegant. That Burberry dress is amazing!

nevin said...

Beautiful, love all the images!!!!

georgia b. said...

you rock!

incredible finds.

Kellie Collis said...

So many beautiful dresses!! x