Monday, June 22, 2009

budget home.

budget home: "the owners of this house decorated their home with as little budget as possible. everything is either second-hand, inexpensive or homemade."

photos by diane hendrikx.

so could you do it? have everything be either inexpensive, second-hand or homemade? their choice is a minimalist approach, clutter-less spaces, stark walls, textural, mixing in color, accentuating the natural elements in the spaces.

i don't know if i could entirely commit to less being more. in these photos...i have the urge to run to a wall and hang a photo or painting. so i guess i wouldn't last long with these blank walls. what i do love is the ability to see, breathe and just be in this house. allowing for the lines of the house to speak and offering itself as the design, the decoration. the idea of bringing in handmade and second-hand i do love. those things warm a home, welcome you into a home to feel comfortable and happy. for this monday contemplate what you could add to your home that's inexpensive? vintage? handmade? you don't always have to shop retail, full price and new.

hoping everyone had a great weekend. we did get up to see the shepard fairey exhibit at the institute of contemporary art in boston. his exhibit grew on me as i observed the art and took it in, and in the end felt as if i understood what he was trying to portray and say. enjoy!


The Townhouselady said...

I love what they've done I think it looks great.

I think in order to pull something like this off you need exquisite taste, a whole lot of luck.

L'Atelier said...

i love it! great to see that someone managed this without spending a mega fortune
the thing i like the best are the colours, what wonderful combinations

julia. said...

so smart!

Beach Vintage said...

I love it too. My whole house is based on 2nd hand or handmade items.Thanks once again for stopping by Beach Vintage.

Kellie ~ Ada and Darcy said...

I adore the freshness and innovative designs.

georgia b. said...

i could do it!

in fact, i practically have here. and i'm proud of it! i have people come here all the time and ask where i got things and watch their jaw drop when they find out i only paid $10 at a garage sale for an awesome chair or $70 for my perfect condition vintage couch . . .

i love it! it is the way to go!