Monday, June 1, 2009


"there is something both romantic and contemporary in the simplicity of the naked bulb" so says designer mattias stahlbom. celebrating the "essence of the lamp."

orfeo quagliata has fashioned these chunky glass cocktail rings "yummy enough to eat." they come in a bunch of colors too!

maxim velcovsky, a "rising star in the design world", this czech designer converts this dixie cup design into a beautifully fun hand blown wine glass.

the swedish trio jonas pettersson, john lofgren and petrus palmer have you looking at the traditional "work light" a little bit differently. i have to tell you to that i saw somewhere (it escapes me at the moment) where someone hung one of these over a dining table and then added pieces of vintage chandelier crystals hanging from all over the cage of the light, longer ones shorter ones and created a "work light" chandelier of their own...hmmm, getting any ideas?

jewelry designer tadd sackville-west of cero designs, offers up his talents to a + r with these stunning wood and silver cuffs.

designer sarah finn "takes the thinnest layers of veneers and laser cuts them in 2 distinctive patterns." how unique are these?

cast in many layers of resin, these belt buckles have a 3-d effect. they offer many "shane" belt buckle designs on their site.

quirky, eclectic and with a lighten-up style, a + r offers up a vast array of want, need and have to haves.

opened in 2005, in los angeles, andy griffith (yeah, that's his name), a former film editor "and self avowed design junkie" and rose apodaca, "a pop culture and style journalist", both were "keen on sharing our excitement for great new design with anyone who would listen." obsessively seeking out new finds and loving everything they sell, a + r will at the very least...get your attention.

i love this company for it's accessories, another one of those companies that whispers "hey, remember to not take life quite so serious! please!" so with that being said, take a gander over at a + r's site, enjoy some monday morning easy on the eyes designs and maybe, just maybe, you'll feel the sides of your mouth curling upward forming a funny little smile admiring the fun a + r is having. :)


Chris said...

I love that wooden cuff, and the work lights are really cool. I would use those for purposes other than work, too! :)

Jules said...

what a great resource with interesting and unique finds! i love the napkin rings and belt buckle :) how was the food and wine festival?! hopefully it was a success and you got a little exposure for the shop!

TheDecoDetective said...

The wine glasses are fantastic! Fun idea!

Maggie May said...

i love the cuff

Kellie ~ Ada and Darcy said...

I love those hanging globes, very cool.