Thursday, May 21, 2009

you want color? you got it.

come on in!

"this art-deco house has been renovated by a ghent-based architect, who designed it for his family, to live in. he revived the historical art-deco elements with bright colours and contemporary furniture. we choose amongst the archives of some of the best photographers and journalists for features with a contemporary look and an interesting story. in our selection we aim for top quality photography of exclusive private homes or exceptional public buildings, accompanied by sharp interviews with some of the world’s leading architects."

so this site ranks up there as a definite idea jackpot. thanks to design age for this ultra inspiration! i'm not even kidding, "office for word and image...owi", features incredible design transformations that will have you dreaming the day away with ideas. it will get you motivated, make you want to grab any number of paint brushes and begin to interpret your commercial or residential spaces in a new light. enjoy these images but be sure to check their site out...this is only one residence out of many :) (p.s...i think my final went well, here's keeping my fingers crossed! x)


Red-SSR said...

Very nice use of color...Gary

Georgia B. said...

i absolutely love the kitchen cabinets and the green wall!

Jules said...

great gallery of inspiring interiors - i love bold uses of color!