Tuesday, May 26, 2009

keyman design.

i stumbled gladly upon keyman's eclectic, quirky, funny and fun designs on see, hear say's beautiful blog... and they frankly just make me smile. simple, whimsical and flirty fun. ceren keyman, a native of turkey and educated both there and in france is first a violinist and is now creating her own line of jewelry. ceren designs stage decor and furniture as well, there is also a clothing line coming soon to her website.

sometimes when jewelry stands out, it's because it's so very simply designed. i just love these. hoping your tuesday is sunny like it is here and that your long weekend was as enjoyable as mine. i'll post a picture or two soon of my weekend fun! my dad ran me ragged, played the guitar, ate fabulous food with me and cried when he left, so did i. :)


Chris said...

I love the simple beauty of these. I can understand why you are attracted to them.

That's so sweet that you both cried. Sounds like it was a memorable weekend!

L'Atelier said...

sounds like a beautiful weekend!
the jewelery is amazing, just down my allee!
oh and I got your card today- Thank you soooooo much :D

Kellie ~ Ada and Darcy said...

I love those fabulous green earrings!!

Tamstyles said...

cute post! really like old furniture of course.