Wednesday, May 6, 2009

in love. with blogland.

an eclectic variety of photos that suit my happy mood. my appreciation of blogland.

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so i've been having one of the those foggy, indecisive months. yet for reasons that i think you all understand blogging has been and will be that creative day to day outlet. not only that but i stay constantly amazed at all of the talented and beautiful blogs i keep coming across, it's endless really.

my favorite blogs as well as the many new ones i keep discovering, not only inspire me, they motivate me and they move me. i'm hoping that all of you have felt the same way. that just when you feel that your creative juices are empty, and you're feeling a big sluggish, there it is...a fun, fabulous, original post surprises you and opens your mind. either someone has been somewhere fabulous, or it's an amazing find, story or just a simply beautifully presented blog in itself. so much inspiration.

so i've raved before about how blogging makes me feel, how it contributes in a large way to being honest to my own sense of style, how it temps me, through other bloggers and blogs to go outside myself...but i just wanted to say it again.


Georgia B. said...

awesome post! i love that second image. i actually laughed out loud, because i completely identify.

this was a very nice, uplifting post to find. and so funny that i should read it only minutes after i wrote out a list for my next "10 things" post {which i have not done in FOREVER!} number 8 on my list was "new blog friends".

as many new blog friends i make, i will always cherish the first and oldest friends like you who have been around since the beginning of my initiation to the blogosphere!

great post, girl!

L'Atelier said...

i completly agree with georgia b.

wonderful post and yes the first friends are cherished.

i love love love the pictures they fabulous, each one of them!