Wednesday, April 1, 2009

a borrowed idea.

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i have always loved the store window displays at every anthropologie, never mind the interior displays. one thing that always intrigues me is their use of found objects reinvented. like books, wire coat hangers, window panes, manila folders, things like that. i recently saw a store window of theirs that had bunches of white plastic bags piled up, then as you walked by the windows they started to float towards the sky. as they continued to float, they slowly turned into white birds. just so imaginative.

so of course, for my shop window in desperate need of spring, i looked around me and what did i see...lots of cardboard boxes from recent deliveries. so, in keeping with anthropologie's theme, i began the process of cutting my birds, all shapes and sizes. instead of white, i sprayed them lemon yellow and hung them with clear wire. the first photo is the anthropologie window and the pictures with the yellow birds are of my store window. not bad huh? besides the cost of a can of spray paint, my window display cost me next to nothing! let me know your thoughts. i did want something bright like this yellow to spring into action and they really cheer me. :)


L'Atelier said...

i love it! its really really great!
fabulous interpretation,i love it when imagination and a bit of craftyness produce amazing things! so satisfiying for the artist!!!
wonderful colour, also inot yellow at the moment, more of a warm golden one, like the sunshine here at the moment... so into it i got myself nail varnish with that name ;)

Lynne said...

Love those birds - there are no original ideas in the world anyway. They look great!