Monday, March 30, 2009

hego water design.

this faucet above acts as a vase as well, constantly filling up the container holding your cut flower of choice...can you get over that?!

i happened upon hego water design through an issue of dwell, which of course features such fantastic home accessories, green alternatives and alot of people just thinking outside the box, or outside the typical i should really say. besides furnishings, the last steps in finishing spaces, i'm also always intrigued by the basics, such as materials used to build with, flooring, walls, cabinets, and yes, plumbing.

hego water design gives you modern, decadent options for all of your taps and shower heads but also gives you options of water flow. huh? what i mean is do you want your shower to rain down on you from the ceiling? or do you want your water in the bathroom sink to flow out like a waterfall? you know...things like that. even the way water flows in your home can be designed. every little touch matters, especially the basics. take a peek at hego water design to see for yourself. enjoy!

and the winner is...for the uprinting giveaway...asiye from l'atelier, a fabulous blog featuring gorgeous photography and handmade jewelry and day to day life and travels in south africa! and soul pretty! another must see blog featuring not only day to day with mini but fresh funk-tional design ideas for the new urban lifestyle...and her own line of clothing (where does she have the time? :) thanks for everyone who posted about needing this giveaway and here's hoping you put your free cards and postcards to creative uses! yeah!!!


dancing doc design said...

oh my!!these are fabulous and so very "functional art" ish!!!this post dovetails into my last post!! Bathroom renovations on my mind.

L'Atelier said...

thank you sooo much!!! how very exciting!