Saturday, November 3, 2018

have a lovely weekend!

hey hey it's the weekend!
what are you up to this very fall filled weekend? anything fun? the tree color in new england has been a treat this month! on my walk to work there have been trees that have literally stopped me, to pause and appreciate their time to shine! either bright yellows, reds, oranges...if you are being treated to fall foliage, don't forget to look up. :)

in between leaf peeping, you'll find me sleeping in, writing, and heading to ikea for a good hack. hoping that your weekend is everything you want it to be. and it's friday saturday, so some fun finds from around the world wide web:

weekend feels like this!

just purely loving this.

beaded love, these full moon two-toned earrings.

would love to put away these summer statement earrings.

i haven't bought a jean jacket in a while now, this one is on my denim loving radar.

i'd wear it with these.

how gorgeous would this look beside the fireplace?

the loveliest carafe.

and this one for a color pop!

utterly wow pies!

crushing on this rose glass & brass coffee table.

such a simply beautiful planter.

and whoah this plant is 💚

this indefinite vase is a show stopper.

this ombre prom dress, (i secretly want one!).

this before & after is STUNNING.

a suite sofa.

a seriously wow chandelier.

ooh and this persimon lighting.

could these be the most striking cocktail glasses you've seen?

how to appreciate the making of a chair.

this enamel cheese dome would make a lovely house warming gift.

really like this corduroy trench.

this ring is wow.

would be a super fun lamp in the right space.

this rocket storage
for a kids room is just perfection.

a mind chill.