Tuesday, October 9, 2018

have a wonderful week!

wishing you a wonderful week!

we have been flip flopping in new england, from lingering summer weather to grab your sweater it's getting cooler by the hour type of days. every time i contemplate changing all of my clothes around, i'm grabbing a pair of shorts. but i'll take it for now! hope you are enjoying the weather too in your part of the world.

so here's to getting your week going with some finds from around the world wide web:

pretty hoops.

loving this bamboo side table for a textural element.

apple cheddar pie? yum.

ooh and salted butterscotch cookies? more yum!

a satin bow scrunchie for a prettier pony.

this christmas ornament pulls at my ocean loving heart strings.

these henry chairs would make for fun dining tables.

these turquoise glazed ceramic spoons, etsy love for sure.

looking for wow furniture pieces? they have that. (those rugs too though!)

fun sheets.

where do i find this headbaord, pure love.

or i could make one, like this?!!

want a whole collection of these color dot mugs.

straight up in LOVE with this 2019 resort collection by dennis basso.

loving all of the soft whites in this house tour.

sharing some lamp love here.

a pretty platter.

ooh these veggie burger options.


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