Saturday, August 25, 2018

have a happy weekend!

hey, HEY, weekend! glad to see you...
it was a looooong work week, SO happy it's the weekend. what are you up to? anything fun? i'm going to try to catch a late summer swim at a near by beach, really want to make home made cinnamon buns sunday morning, (and eat more than i should with a giant mug of coffee) this recipe looks pretty darn delish! in between that i'm feeling the itch to fall clothes shop, oh! and i will be sleeeeeeeeping in.

wherever you go this weekend, whatever you do, have such fun! and it's friday saturday, so some fum finds from around the world wide web:


this fringed tote, gah!

& this fringed tote would be fun to sock away for next summer.

an art-inspirational (and colorful) instagram feed.

this one too!

a gorgeous fall go to.


just so perfect.

really wanting this bad.

ah, an ombre peony installation? yes please.

and my guilty pleasure.

this little london coat.

& good grief, really loving this faux fur coat beyond words!

a love-ly hand towel.

just ordered this book.

summer tomato yum.

the prettiest popsicles.

for late summer entertaining, this rose punch.

just bought tickets to see him, cannot wait! (check out that video if you love jazz as much as me!)