Saturday, March 3, 2018

have a fun weekend!

happy weekend! what are you up to? anything fun?
we in new england are recovering from a wild storm, high tides, full moon, windy beyond words. so i'm heading to some coast lines, to check out the aftermath and beauty of it all! in between that, i'll be finishing this book (his writing is just gorgeous in every way), thinking of beginning another sewing project and feeling a trip to ikea coming on.

i hope that your weekend is everything you want it to be! and it's friday saturday so some fun finds from around the world wide web:

been sick this winter? i haven't yet but would try this flu tea recipe.

what she does with sticks.


more yum.

how fun is this candy cake?!

this rust ottoman, loving that color!

for my oh so dry winter skin, i may try this, it looks luxurious!

pretty gold earrings for spring!

this shoulder bag, to die for.

these leather drawer pulls, etsy love.

more etsy love.

this print. want. need. love.

a sweet set of wooden coasters (a simple & affordable house warming gift idea, pair with cocktail glasses?!).

another reason to love target.

this cake stand, love.

this disposable party accessory line is crazy gorgeous.

pretty braid & bun.

rug love.

really want this pink haze pillow. oh, and this one too.

this water print is lovely. loving this one too.

a stunning kitchen (with lots of links).