Saturday, January 13, 2018

happy (long) weekend!

very much looking forward to this long weekend! what are you up to, anything fun?
seems like january has begun chock full of positive energy. (i love that!) i have high hopes, lofty goals and managing the flow of all of that is something i am already trying to pace. i'm excite though, for this new year. it feels like it's going to be fantastic, don't you think?!

some things i'm looking forward to this weekend...i just signed up for a new writing course (just for fun!) which begins next week, i'm pampering myself tomorrow (hair cut and color) and hoping that it's not too cold to walk here (one of my favorite places to escape to locally and i always see deer!). in between that you'll find me trying to find a pub with a fireplace, sipping red wine and slowwwwwwwing way down. i hope that your weekend is everything that you hope it to be!

and it's friday saturday, so some fun finds from around the world wide web:

a pretty one piece to put away until next summer.

this is pretty too.

might need a pair of these for next summer.

speaking of the beach, if i had a beach house, this might be my dining room chandelier.

just bought oh joy's mulit-stripe phone case, hey gotta support the team!

gosh, her paintings.

serious flower power.

fun studs.

this clutch every day of the year.

a wow chair.

i love putting artwork in unexpected places,
like this
. and this.

loving this woven headbaord (reminds me of those potholders you'd make as a kid?!).

speaking of woven loving.

etsy love.

i'm with her, and why she sounded so presidential.

cool stools.

these plaid leggings.

a pretty flush ceiling light.

pillow love.

leather perfection.

thoughts this new year.

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