Saturday, December 9, 2017

have a fun weekend!

happy weekend! are you in full christmas sprint or slow and steady wins the race mode?
i'm in the slow & steady catagory, trying to not get overwhelmed, attempting to enjoy this month in a variety of ways. i bought a christmas tree on black friday to enjoy it for much longer than i usually do. i'm looking forward to snow (coming to new england today!) and i literally live in this chenille sweater every day after work. i'm also shopping slowly. putting extra thought into more personal gift ideas. how are you embracing the hectic christmas season? i'd love to hear!

i hope that your weekend is everything that you hope it to be! and it's friday saturday, so some fun finds from around the world wide web:

my kind of christmas ornament.

oooh what i could do with this space.

this headboard is everything.

if i had a newborn.

if i had a toddler.

amazing red boots.

these are gorgeous too.

yum, tis the season.

i prefer holiday garland over wreaths, this one is simply beautiful.

etsy love: how fun would these be on a cocktail party table setting?

be your own muse.

okay, just alot of cool stuff here (great gift ideas!).

patent leather snowboots? yes please.

couture poufs. loving the fringe!

sparkly flared trousers, because why not.

another reason to love going to bangs

speaking of hair, these hair pins for a christmas party, so fun.

this mustard dress
, with this gold purse.

it's about to snow in new england, but wishing for these for next summer.

eyeing this checkered blouse.

this fluffy dolman jacket
really needs to be mine.


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