Saturday, September 23, 2017

have a fun weekend!

it's feeling (and looking) more and more like autumn in my part of the world. there is a energizing feel to the air, and cozy nights and coffee in bed...i love that!
i'm going to try to spend a bunch of time outside this weekend, what are you up to? anything fun? i'm coming off of a whirlwind couple of days with my son, staying up late, getting up early, dancing for hours at a concert (had. a. blast.) mixed in with working full time. so...i'm slowing it down this weekend. taking in the views, walking instead of running and quite possibly reading the sunday paper, all of it.

i hope that your weekend is everything that you want it to be. and it's friday saturday, so some fun finds from around the world wide web:

10 trenches.

his cardboard & glue sculptures are amazing.

i want this bad.

liking this geo porcelain travel mug.

simply a gorgeous lounge chair.

if you love matisse, you'll love this line.

hearts in my eyes over these vintage woven lights.

ok, love SO much here, but their duotone furniture line is pulling at my design-loving heartstrings.

(expensive) floor planter love.

pretty throws from slowdown studio, this one's my fav.

for a kitchen, i'm loving these platform bowls (stackable!).

this mini face vase set makes me smile.

would you get a shipping container pool? i LOVE this idea!

this platform daybed. (perfect at the end of a bed)

this ceiling light.

a fun gif

wanting this pearl collar.

blouse love, in khaki.

just a really great interview
, in case you are interested.

call me.


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