Saturday, July 29, 2017

happy weekend!

hey it's the weekend! oh right, you knew that...
what are you up to? anything fun? my son and i are hanging out later, looking veeeery forward to chill time with him and catching up. i'm devouring this book series lately, on to another one this weekend.(sooo good!). i'm on the hunt for some quiet pillow patterns for my bedroom. these are kind of soothing, these are a top pick too.

i plan on putting my feet up a bit this weekend, tasting my coffee and sleeping in. i hope that your weekend is everything you want it to be! and it's friday saturday, so some fun finds from around the world wide web:

a gorgeous kimono jumpsuit.

rattan handbag love.

this bedroom just looks so inviting to me.

in the market for vintage lighting? how about these 1950's italian sconces.

vacation inspiration

a summer on the go highlighter

& i've been into very shiny things lately fashion-wise too, so of course i want this.

the secret to the best ice cream sandwiches (plus her writing is just the best!).

how beautiful for summer outdoor entertaining!

would be pretty sitting on this.

wanting a set of these wooden coffee cups.

this step table lamp.

modern for magazines.

i'm not big into clocks, but this one is clean and unobtrusive.

for the kitchen (or for making amazing cheese boards!).

a veeeery cool commercial space.

pretty in pink.

still on the hunt for a unique summer outdoor seating collection? i pick this.

fab find, this danish home collection.

i'll take one of everything

this just makes me smile.


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