Saturday, April 29, 2017

have a fun weekend!

whoah to this week (again) and the fast-paced nature of it...

time to slooooooow down and enjoy a bit of down time. how was your week? do you have fun weekend plans? i have been itching to see this exhibit, though this is intriguing too. strolling museum floors, quietly, does something to me i have to tell ya, it's like a relaxation drug that stays with me a good lone while. i love that!

i hope that you have an fun weekend, whatever your plans are. and it's friday saturday: so some fun finds from around the world wide web:

another gorgeous rattan bag to die for!

how fun is this curtain tie idea?

a beautifully simple dusty rose one piece bathing suit for summer.

on the funky side, i just love this outfit.

describe yourself in two words!

a cool way to keep your bike indoors.

the most spectacular furniture line
incorporating dyed sand. just wow.

have you been reading anything good lately? i just read this (i wolfed it down!). ny times review, here. the new yorker, here.

a simple way to stay off of your phone mindlessly
. (via).

i want to be here just for those views
! (and all of that pink!).

a very good sale on a pretty leather sofa.

i want this t-shirt.

really liking these stacked triangle shelves.

more etsy love!

this rose rose cake for mother's day would be a winner!

yum, girl scout cookies are now on amazon. (via).

their before & after kitchen makeover is perfection.

this tray table.

speaking of anthropologie, i keep popping in on my lunch breaks, and keep going back to this beauty.

a fun tassel cuff.

would be fun with this rafia tote.

a seriously pretty black outfit.

wise words from laura dern

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