Friday, April 7, 2017

have a fun weekend!

happy friday friends! what are you up to this weekend? anything fun?
i have to tell you that lately i crave slow weekends at home, sleeping in and having no real plan. sometimes you need that right?! yes! also feeling like i need some pampering at the hair salon, i've let my hair grow pretty long and with little care, i need to spruce it up, thinking even a cut something like this.

and because it's friday, i'm treating myself here, (the chocolate croissants are to DIE for!). be good to yourself today too! here are some fun finds from around the world wide web to close out the week:

just a great spring handbag.

love this home tour with a texas flair.

seriously loving this new to me site, general store. especially want these clogs.

gray malin's photographic trays are stunning.

for busy people (preeeeeeetty much all of us).

just so perfect sometimes.

want so many home accessories here (those milking stools are pretty cool!).

interesting silk scarves...she hung one over her bed, very cool.

such a beautifully simple nightstand lamp.


really pretty coasters.

next on my reading list.

this origami coffee table is gorgeous.

speaking of origami...this floor lamp, etsy love...

oh, & really want this tipi lamp too.

if you love those big, bold, dramatic sleeves on blouses right now, you'll love this collection.

marbelous mirrors

how crazy beautiful is this floral garden bridal shower? (and this is how she got those flowers to float).

and it's friday, so how about a hangover terminator?

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