Saturday, March 18, 2017

have a super weekend! (kind of late)

i had another buuuuuusy week! how was yours?
so i'm late saying have a super weekend! what are you up to, anything amazing? i'd love to hear! i spend the weekend these days resting and recovering from busy work weeks, learning a fabulous new job, commuting on the train, which i'm finding very interesting people-wise, (see my instagram images here) and trying to take care of myself in general.

so cheers to rest & relaxation, to doing fun things or doing absolutely nothing! and it's the weekend, so some fun finds from around the world wide web:

such a gorgeous handbag line. (i especially love this one)

this cutting board is just perfection really.

very cool kimonos.

ooh this rose chair.

i know it's an ashtray
but i love it anyway.

reading these brief book reviews.

could this be the most amazing way to work out ever? (via)

a vintage pillow cover
, etsy love.

another pillow crush.

this free form hairpin is gorgeous.

this fringe pullover
would be perfection with skinny jeans.

a big fat yes to these iron plant stands.

expensive yes, but so pretty.

a curious table lamp
, but i like it.

some real yummy art book selections.

super fun cards to give.

the most stylish outdoor barbecue grill ever.

lavish alice...a fresh take on the blazer.

can a rug make you happy? this one does it for me.

a pretty frilled sheer top.

really like this low "fly series pouf".

this might help winter blah skin.

i'm not really a print person, but i like this one alot.