Friday, March 3, 2017

have a relaxing weekend!

happy friday friends! you've made it to the weekend...
what are you up to this weekend? anything fun? i've been commuting to boston and reaaaally getting into some podcasts, so far these are my favorites. i find them inspiring, positive and they just get me in a great mindset to begin a challenging day. (if you only listen to one, listen to the spanx episode, sooo good!)

in between my new found podcast addiction, i'm shopping for some new bedding (my sheets and pillows need an upgrade), i'm finishing my latest tiny ship series, and will post pictures here. i'll be getting a few outdoor runs in and and sipping red wine at night. the usual stuff that makes my weekend relaxing ;)

and it's friday, so some fun finds from around the world wide web:

minimalist hair clips, etsy love.

even more etsy love.

for summer, yes to this rafia pouch.

like "floating linen on the windows of mediterranean balconies", this wall sconce is just really gorgeous.

so pretty for spring.

these are sure making me think spring.

oh my gosh, this horse in the studio, so fun!

velvet dress love.

i LOVE the striped rug in this dining room.

reaaaallly wanting these chairs.

stitched pillow love.

i imagine everything looks amazing through these pretty sunglasses.

a lime cream deodorant, has anyone tried this?

a sweet studio makeover, (that black bathroom is kind of neat really).

5 favorite food places in paris (and he should know).

the prettiest mirrors
, maybe ever.

very cool ways of mixing old and new (and oh my gosh that dog!).

these pigmented polyester resin block sculptures are kind of stunning.

love this commercial service window.


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