Wednesday, February 1, 2017

woven by vincent sheppard

belgian-based vincent sheppard is offering up a new twist on woven furniture that i really like. not your typical rattan which in many ways can look cheap or short term, vincent sheppard's pieces are modern, sleek, "imaginative designs that combine tradition and modernity"...
there is a really neat textural element that woven furniture or light shades like these add to any space, residential or commercial. i have always felt that not only adding in texture to your spaces, but mixing textures, mingling a variety of coarser or finer textures to spaces/places keeps it interesting, it allows your eye to flow in and around a space and feel different things. i love that!

i also love this line. it's fresh, elegant and utilitarian all rolled into one great design ball. to read more about vincent sheppard's creative design timeline, head here, & enjoy!

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