Monday, February 27, 2017

monday & mjolk

man oh man, if you are building a space, whether it be residential or commercial and you are structuring a seating area, aaaaand you want it just a little bit more interesting than the typical, toronto-based mjolk offers up some wow seating options. i couldn't stop saving images, i seriously couldn't...
husband and wife team john and julie baker are mjolk. john & julie describe mjolk as a "lifestyle shop and gallery" and they feature work by "artists and artisans from scandinavia and japan" and each piece goes from design to a formal piece produced locally by artisans in toronto. a very cool collaborative process right?

the scandinavian/japan design influece is apparent but so too is the modern aesthetic and slight daring of line in each design. i think that that's the spark in each piece, that's what i'm talking about friends. enjoy!

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