Friday, February 17, 2017

have a super weekend!

happy friday friends! sorry for the radio silence but it's been another heeeeeeectic week. new job, researching a move...wow. all good, but wow...
so i've pulled together an extra long friday links post, just in case you missed me :)

everyday should start like this.

a fun sweatshirt.

how amazing would a macrame headboard be?

can i please have this space?

i want every. single. one.

in the market for new lighting? go here.

etsy love.

more etsy love: these would make for a cool textual and natural color palette series in a residential or commercial space.

a gorgeous dresser. see it here too.

wish i had thought of this for a valentine's day party!

these are just, wow.

bedroom perfection (that mirror!).

oh my gosh, these sandals!

living in dreamland.

hand-made goodness.

a fun scarf.

her stitched artwork is amazing & so super colorful, pure love!

sweet heels.

this leather strap shelving is pretty cool.

would be pretty in a window.

antiques & oddities.

i like this table, just pop it together.

these pleated pillows are coming soon, and i really like them.

this would make for a simply gorgeous and unique bedside table.

an amazing floor lamp (if you are looking for a wow piece!)

since i'm surrounded by snow, this is just fun as i wish for summer.
have a super weekend!

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