Friday, February 3, 2017

have a cozy (super bowl) weekend!

happy friday friends! & happy super bowl weekend (ahem, GO PATS!)...
it's been another hectic week, work, apartment hunting, wow. but hey, time to slooooow it down a little, take in the weekend, get excited about football (if you're a football fan) and yeah. i'm also hoping to get a run or two in, sleep late and eat a giant breakfast on sunday, hey it's the little things ;)

and it's friday, so some fun finds from around the world wide web:

excited to see this design documentary!

so great, this do it yourself table runner idea.

lip reading goodness! made me LAUGH!

so pretty in pink.

just loving each room here.

"nice rides", a fun pre-superbowl commercial tease.

inspired to paint more by her figure studies.

a great ankle boot (and it's on sale!).

a striking wall sconce.

and just really want this pom pom shade.

she has a furniture collection for sale now? right on!

such a great bedside table.

look yummy (i've been on a chip kick lately!).

a sweet do it yourself valentine's day idea.

a new (fresh) take on the rocking chair.

a cool braid style for hair.

might grab this for my fast growing cactus.

he has cute things.

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