Wednesday, February 22, 2017

a quick hello & michael shaw

i am still in the middle of a new job start and move (hence my recent lack of posts, though i hope to be back to posting regularly soon!), but i wanted to pop on today and say a quick hello and tell you about a project that someone special to me is working on as part of an effort to get people more involved in fundraisers and compassionate programs in her high school...

hannah allen is working very hard on behalf of cancer survivor michael shaw. michael was diagnosed with leukemia at age 4 and has bravely battled the disease for 10 years since his diagnosis.

hannah is collaborating through her high school with cape cancer crushers and the student series of the leukemia & lymphoma society. read more about michael shaw and hannah here. to donate directly also go here, all proceeds go directly to michael shaw's efforts to remain healthy.

i don't usually utilize this blog as such a forum but these are two special people with a special cause. and i think that especially right now, in these times, we can all promote a little more compassion, don't you think? ;) thanks!

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