Monday, January 23, 2017

monday impact

why not start of the week with some impact furniture? i have just the line, offered up by the french luxury design line of hervé van der straeten, chock full of "bold variations of form, contrasting materials and defiant, pure volumes"....
hervé van der straeten first became known for his jewelry design and collection...but has since gained considerable attention for his works in bronze, glass, porcelain as well as a variety of other exquisite materials incorporating those into a very special furniture and lighting design line.

in my opinion there are times when designing residential or commercial interiors, that the space actually begs for a wow piece, something special to take center stage, or to ground the space, or to throw it off, perfectly. hervé van der straeten's designs are simply wow, in material, in design, in the overall presence each offers to any space. i love that! enjoy...

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