Friday, January 6, 2017

have a happy weekend!

happy friday friends! do you have fun plans for the weekend?
it's been a buuuuuusy week for me so i'm seriously looking forward to being still & quiet this weekend. it's currently snowing in my part of the world so that adds to my quiet mood (though if it continues...sledding is not out of the picture ;) i hope that you have exactly the kind of weekend you are looking for!

and it's friday, so some fun finds from around the world wide web:

oh, just some rainbow love.

cool outdoor lounge chairs (yes, i'm thinking about summer already).

another awesome boot for winter

these suspension pots are super pretty.

metallic skirt love.

pretty stunning actually.

this barrette. pretty much perfection.

serious vintage perfection.

speaking of vintage, this white italian murano glass chandelier is exquisite.

this black and white footed fruit bowl is to die for.

omg, this would be an amazing wedding dress. and that color! beautifully non-traditional.

these look cozy.

ooh, this does too.

i'm probably too short to wear these pants, but they're super cute.

a wow (cough* expensive) sofa. but WOW.

adding flowers to balloons
? how fun!

could live in something like this!

these aerial landscapes are breathtaking.

chocolate & orange goodness.


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