Friday, December 9, 2016

have a fun weekend!

happy friday friends!
what are you up to this coming weekend? anything fun? holiday parties? i'd love to hear! i really want to see this movie, i'd love to try to make this "merry" garland this weekend. and i don't have the winter blues (yet) but i might try to make this "citrus cake for the winter blues"...it looks delish! i hope that you have a fun weekend!

and it's friday
, so some fun finds from around the world wide web:

a fun stocking stuffer.

a perfect door knocker.

this velvet mini slip dress is the sweetest. (red for xmas!)

okay, this puppet, perfection!

been swaying around the house to amy winehouse lately (one of my absolute forever favorites), especially loving this...

too funny.

this incense sampler would make a great xmas/hostess gift.

this pompom clutch just seems necessary somehow.

pretty soaps.

this leather bowl, pure love.

chill pill.

how stunning is this little dessert?

artistic memory sticks. rose gold please!

i just want this.

another fun gif.

this cocktail sounds pretty delish.

a pretty top for the holidays.

and are you looking for a sweet holiday home decoration? this half wreath idea is perfection.

don't believe the hype.

and for fun, the latest carpool karaoke! madonna style

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