Wednesday, December 28, 2016

found inspiration: kate rabbit

i feel as if i'm on the cusp of being really and truly inspired in 2017. there are so many ways in which i find myself leaning artistically, and i get excited about that. i thought that, as 2016 winds down, and a fresh year begins, i'd share some found inspiration, people, works, art, architecture, design, you name it, that are pulling me toward what feels like a positive and bright year ahead, for all of us i hope!

i stumbled upon the collage works of artist kate rabbit who literally wraps the female subject in flowers, empowering them somehow, flowering them in the most soft and strong of ways and who states that collage has been her favorite medium since age 12...
on her website and etsy site, kate says that to her, "collage is one part mess, one part puzzle, gently stirred with the mood of the day." and that every day she chooses a muse or model and each collage constructed reflects her mood that day. i love that.

sometimes the best art works come from not alot of predetermined thought, it flows as you flow, as you think, and are, and feel. kate offers up other services on her website as well, like brand development and fine art. check it out & enjoy!

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