Wednesday, December 7, 2016

cozy commercial spaces

i spoke with a number of people who went out to eat this past thanksgiving, and at some unusual places (one woman took her whole family to a chinese dumpling house!) and it got me thinking of where we choose to spend time and eat, to just be, with friends and family. what are we drawn to and why? when?

if i could design any "type" of space i would have to choose commercial spaces, they by far feel the most open and experimental as an initial blank canvas or stage, a chance to integrate wow pieces and a chance to get just a little bit daring...
i found these commercial spaces cozy & serene today. spaces that i could easily spend a holiday meal while taking in what the designer(s) accomplished, what he or she was hoping to convey or instill in you as you spend precious moments there. i love that...enjoy!

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