Friday, December 30, 2016

cheers to the new year!

what are you wishing for in the new year?
i usually try to keep wishes or goals simple. 2016 was challenging. i found myself purposefully slowing down, opening myself up alot more, in new ways, letting things come to me, letting people, friends, interactions, come to me instead of flying around in search of everything, fast. i'm fast. so i hope to remain a bit more my slowing down self in 2017. i'm experiencing alot more at this speed. and i like that!

oh we all have more goals and wishes than that right? but in keeping with my theme, i'll keep it simple today, to that. i hope that your wishes and goals for 2017 are super positive and amazing. if you'd like to share yours, i'd love to hear! 😁and it's friday, so some fun finds from around the world wide web:

ok, this looks pretty darn delish!

a feeling of floating happiness
? yes, i want that.

has anyone else been drooling over the burberry 2016 resort line like me? gosh!

wild, but i really like them.

this too.

a WOW silicone chandelier

pretty pearl earrings.

bun cuffs, i want one!

oh! and wouldn't this star clip would be pretty for new years eve!

the cutest pillow cover.

wow, he reaaaaaally likes this pen.

a striking red clutch (and it's on sale!).

i want to climb into this black sweater and never come out.

unusual white ceramic knobs

gorgeous vases.

i'm inspired by collages lately, these are amazing.

absolutely loving this pyramid mirror. see it her bedroom, here.

this mirror would also be fun to look into each and every day (especially if you are in a bad mood!).

i've had perfectly white bath towels for a while now (problem is they don't stay perfectly white), something like this might be fun to try next.

new year's cocktail recipe.

wise words from carrie fisher.

and if you need an energy shot, and to laugh, the latest carpool karaoke with bruno mars.

and get dancing around the house more, it's almost 2017!