Friday, November 11, 2016

have a relaxing weekend.

soooo...the crazy week is about over now...
i think that everyone is in need of a super relaxing, quiet, anti-anxiety weekend! maybe this is a weekend to get outdoors, away from the t.v., the news, even social media and see the color of fall before it fades to grey. that's my plan anyway...

and it's friday, so some fun finds from around the world wide web:

oh stella, you've done it again...this whipstitched gold chain handbag.

wouldn't these gold shoes be a fun staple this fall?

and a fall metallic moccasin baby staple too!

super pretty every day gift tags.

his iceland trip on instagram is breathtaking.

very into the bow lately, and this silk bow necklace is another new favorite.

i love this look & her styling of open shelving.

etsy pillow love.

more here too!

a fun, bright cuff.

really like his "eve candelabra", just so fun.

want this gown.

oooh, this velvet bed! which color would you pick? (i like the white & the chartreuse)

pretty moroccan bed blankets

if i were getting married, these would be on my radar.

i've never been a hound's-tooth fan, but i like this alot.

pure inspiration for my newly found embroidery love.

a beautifully simple necklace.

the coolest looking speakers (also a great gift idea!).

how fun is this new line from zara? love all of the unexpected layering.

a wow light.

amazing diamond paintings.

this inspired me this week.


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