Friday, November 4, 2016

have a fun weekend!

yeah for friday, even more yeah for the weekend!

what are you up to friends? anything fun? i'm working on my next small ships embroidery project (progress on instagram), i'm in the mood to visit a few of my favorite vintage/thrift shops this weekend and also in the mood to make a new autumn dinner recipe...any suggestions? i hope that your weekend is everything that you want it to be, have fun!

and it's friday so some fun finds from around the world wide web:

this curved velvet foldover clutch is lovely.

pretty much a perfect boot.

ooh and loving these leopard boots, see them on her here.

i know it's a weird topic, but i can't find a deodorant that i like, next, i want to try this one.

greydon house, a new luxury hotel on nantucket...vacation inspiration for sure.

a super cool concrete light, etsy love.

ok, now i want a closet full of pleated skirts.

how fun is this do it yourself crystal hair pin?

just a wow space.

i'm not sure i'd like this so much for residential spaces, but these wall panels with hidden lights are pretty darn cool commercially.

feel like bidding on some amazing things? check this site out. i'm all over the paintings tab.

really liking this graphic tiled wall as a headboard idea.

a great workshop collaborative: i'm wishing for this plush couch, this light & these pretty brass hooks.

her sketchbook series is the best.

a pretty mirror, see it displayed in her house.

feminist pencils.

simple wood hooks
, more etsy love.

next year's halloween idea, so simple but awesome!

would love to put this away for next summer.

love what they did to make this dresser.


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