Friday, November 18, 2016

have a fantastic weekend!

happy friday friends! here's to chiiiiiiiilllll weekend...
how was your week? are you travelling soon for thanksgiving or are you hosting the day at home? i'd love to hear! after last week's crazy election anxiety, i've been consciously attempting to listen to inspirational conversation, to become more inspired, more empowered, more positive and creative. here are a couple of conversations that grabbed my attention and time this week: this, & this. and if you're a foodie, these look interesting too.

in between finding a few new podcasts (any recommendations?!) i'll be sewing away on my third tiny ship embroidery series project, sipping some red wine and sleeping in. ;) have a fantastic weekend!

and it's friday, so some fun finds from around the world wide web:

beautifully hand-made in brooklyn.

crazy gorgeous lighting.

oh, and these deconstructed pendant lights are pretty cool too!

cute jute.

loving this lounge chair in white.

soooooo many beautiful sofas...

a diamond daisy ear cuff to die for.

new etsy love.

veeeeery into metallic boots this year, like this pair.

this gucci bloom dress should really be mine ;)

this could really be a modern wedding dress.

love this babe.

a simple pink velvet pinafore dress.

love this cardigan.

she makes me want bangs, again.

this looks yummy!

a christmas tree in a basket, great look for small spaces.

the sweetest top.

man, this makes me rethink blue eyeshadow.

regarding the election...

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