Thursday, November 24, 2016

happy (long) thanksgiving weekend!

happy thanksgiving friends! here's to eating alot today and not caring about it one bit ;)
i thought i'd post my usual friday fun links today, as we have already begun our long weekend. i hope that you are surrounded by friends and family and food and everything comforting that thanksgiving provides. i'm thankful today for so many things lately, so many good and inspiring feelings...i love that!

and it's the long weekend, so some fun finds from around the world wide web:

pretty pot holders.

loving these patterned christmas stockings.

wow, seriously loving these sunray earrings.

oooh, these hexa stone necklaces!

another perfectly stunning black pump.

etsy love, this abstract wall sconce...gorgeous.

oh, and this flying bird case is special, more etsy love. 😉

a new favorite wallpaper pattern.

where in the world are you travelling to this weekend? wherever you land, here are some spots around the world to eat after turkey & stuffing.

speaking of travelling, i want to go here just for the elevated pool.

i'm not big into charm bracelets, but this is nice.

i want to drive around like this forever.

i might try to bake these cookies next. they look delish!

is this not the prettiest staircase?

a gorgeous home tour. (that kitchen island!!)

would LOVE to find this hands bracelet.

and these earrings, so decadent for the holidays.

it would be SO fun to wallpaper one wall in a children's room with this, and just let them color...

pillow love.

these marble & metal bookends would make a pretty gift for christmas.

a super funky vintage coat.

feeling creative? just look at all of these books. (i found this one particularly intriguing!)

another super pretty boot for fall.

36 questions that lead to love...just kind of fascinating questions in general!

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