Monday, October 3, 2016

rose & fitzgerald

i love this company, rose & fitzgerald. rose & fitzgerald is a husband and wife duo and this is how they describe themselves and their product line and why they do this..."we lived in uganda, africa for three years, seeking out beauty and talent in a part of the world brimming with intrigue, untapped potential, hidden treasures, age-old artistic methods, and natural, raw materials that reflect the beauty of the wild, delightfully-chaotic landscape in which we lived."

and of course the video, in their own voices says it all best. i was really drawn to anything connected to brass that rose & fitzgerald and their artisans make and offer. but they offer so much more, fabulous hand-woven storage baskets naturally dyed with non-toxic pigments from "seeds, roots, flowers and berries." yeah, things like that.

or wonderful wood pieces like this white dipped teak tray. these are uncommon pieces, great gift ideas, wow home accessories, all sourced ethically, with heart and intention and attention to detail. they are special. so many of our purchases in life should be special. enjoy!

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georgia b. said...

those coasters!! <3