Friday, October 14, 2016

have a relaxing weekend!

hey friends, happy friday! you've made it!
how are you easing into the weekend? i'm diving in head first! (it's been a week i tell ya!) i'm currently devouring this book, looking forward to unplanning this entire weekend and baking something new to me, maybe these? (will post, if successful on instagram). what are you up to? anything fun? i'd love to hear!

and it's friday, so some fun finds from around the world wide web:

wouldn't you feel perfectly like a bear in this coat?

hot books.

i need this t-shirt.

another pretty pendant light.

sculptural objects for your home, (love the planters!).

loving what he creates.

if i could be a chair, i'd be this one today.

wow, this kitchen space.

fun cards to just randomly hand out to people.

this is fun too, this do it yourself halloween doormat?

this looks delish!

for fall outdoor eating/celebrating/entertaining, this table top grill idea is genius.

his work with shells and other ordinary objects is mind blowing.

and on the talented artist note, these paper wigs are incredible!


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