Friday, October 21, 2016

have a fantastic weekend!

happy friday friends, and cheers to the weekend!
are you up to anything fun? i just started a new embroidery project, part of my tiny ship series...i'll post the progress soon on instagram. i'm also bit by bit trying to update my fall wardrobe, which is fun! besides that i really want to carve a pumpkin this weekend (love getting artistic with pumpkins), get some outdoor runs in (oh and i actually went swimming monday, in the ocean, with seals swimming all around me. cold but aaaaaamazing), and slowing things down a bit, it's been another hectic week. i hope that your weekend is everything that you want it to be!

and it's friday, so some fun finds from around the world wide web:

wowzers, this cropped sequined wool sweater. pure love.

also seriously want this velvet atlas dress for fall.

i want one of each of these vases.

how amazing is this living edge coffee table?

reeeeeaaally like this painted green floor in the kitchen.

the perfect chair to add texture to any of your spaces.

ok, madly in love with this house.

a sweet baby blanket.

i want to grab the last of the local, summer tomatoes i'm seeing and do this with them.

a cute weekend hair style, the double bun.

this sweater dress looks suuuuper comfy (and reasonably priced!).

wouldn't these make beautiful office chairs?

the best ever coin purse.

vacation inspiration.

this would be sweet in a child's room.

love this line chain earring.

such fun hats.

i just like this pillow.

these cement & quartz glass drums would be amazing side tables!

wow bar stools.

a pretty leather 3 seater sofa.

only gucci could make a spring 2017 line THIS AMAZING.

aaaaaand what do you do with an unused fireplace? style it with a shark coming out of it silly. but i actually LOVE this idea! (see the whole home tour here).

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