Tuesday, September 27, 2016

YEAH! furniture

los angeles based YEAH! furniture (and can we just begin with how cool the name is please?!) is certainly something to get excited about. they claim that they make statement pieces (second cool thing to love) and they do by re-imagining "mid-century modern design with a modern california edge. and maybe that is just perfect in that YEAH! furniture is so perfectly about edges, and line in their design...all utilizing raw materials such as "hardwoods, leather, steel, wool, powdercoat and rope"...
each piece is made in los angeles, it's "livable luxury" as YEAH! furniture states made by a collaborative of uber artistic designers. they beg you to go ahead and dance on the tables, that their line is "designed to wear in, never out." there are so many places and spaces to imagine any one (or all!) of YEAH! furniture's pieces, residential or commercial. super versatile, super cool. enjoy!

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