Sunday, September 11, 2016

sunday & a little smile

i spent today on the outskirts of new york city, i could see the skyline. going through a little town, the flags were at half mast at every turn, and for obvious reasons today. but then there were small celebrations all over town, outdoor lobster lunches on the greens of small churches, families dressed up still in summer wardrobes, an antique fire truck loaded with children with painted faces waving and laughing and celebrating drove past my car, going where i'm not sure. i wondered how the mood of town could seem light, and happy, and full of people smiling, today. it seemed to go against the grain. but maybe that was what was so perfect about it. to celebrate not what happened on 9/11, but that we are stronger because of it. we are prouder because of it. we are americans. smiling today in many ways for many reasons, still...


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