Thursday, September 8, 2016

kettal: textural seating

barcelona-based kettal is offering up a huge variety of texturally interesting seating options, oh and in tons of color & fabric options too. so...
though kettal is based in spain, they are present worldwide (ahem, miami) and works with many whose who fo designers such patricia urquiola (one of my favorites!). established in 1964, kettal has become a highly innovative brand focusing on quality craftsmanship and environmentally sound practices and material sourcing. i love that.

i also just really love this brand and their collection. there's way more to see here. if you are a designer, planning the interior of any residential or commercial space, kettal is certainly a stop when considering interior and exterior furniture options. i wanted to do maybe one of my longest seating posts ever but stopped myself. you're welcome. ;) enjoy!

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