Friday, September 16, 2016

have a super weekend!

yeah for friday! even more yeah for the weekend!
what are you up to anything fun? i just got back from a day at the newport boat show and i think it was THE most beautiful summer day ever! almost pulled the trigger on a 3 million dollar sailboat. ha! i wish. also, i just finished a second embroidery project in what i'm calling my tiny ship series. onto #3! just started this book and so far liking it alot!

a friend (whose husband is a wine distributor, score!) just dropped off 3 bottles of red for me to try. so... ;) hey have a super weekend! and it's friday, so some fun finds from around the world wide web:

want this phone case bad. (they float!)

no wait, this one too!

shiny gold classic leather reeboks, yeah!


very cool cracked marble wallpaper.

a fun do-it-yourself idea. hey, gotta protect the sparkling wine.

love this shower curtain.

ooh, this leather jacket in wine.

love the simplicity of this gold disk choker necklace.

this entire line is interesting for spring 2017, but that coat!!

a fun fortune cookie pin.

red ombre nails!

like this stockholm besdside table.

these are wild!

a gorgeous end of the bed bench.

these would be fun at the end of a bed too! etsy love...

crocheted rubber bowls.

these stuffed sweet potatoes look aaaaaahmazing.

i love this chloé cardigan.

fab furniture: groove tables.

this kismet rug, in coral please.

these silk carpet ottomans. pure love.

dream all day, drive all night.

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