Friday, September 23, 2016

have a great weekend!

so it's officially fall. and things like sipping hot coffee, taking a little bit of an extra long warm shower and wearing jeans are all things that i'm embracing this week...
it's not that i fight the change of seasons, i just happen to reaaaaaaaallly love summer. so it's hard. the adjustment i mean. but i'm caving. ;) i hope that you too are embracing the change of air, temperature and light right now. there is in fact something sort of quiet, and peaceful about it all.

are you up to anything fun this fall weekend? i'm changing out my closet, possibly shopping for a few new fall items to replace old ones. not terribly exciting! and i'm in the mood for a movie. any recommendations? have a GREAT weekend friends!

and it's friday, so some fun finds from around the world wide web:

a seriously beautiful bathroom.

vacation inspiration.

a wow space

a cool idea.

looks delish!

maybe THE best doorstop.

this is neat too.

a different planter stand, but i like it.

creating a cursive word balloon backdrop, a super fun party idea!

leather chair love.

these for dining room chairs, yes please!

grown up grilled cheese sandwiches (spinach, swiss & onion marmalade?! oh yeah!).

this would be a fun do-it-yourself project with kids.

wow, this pedestal table.

a rosé slushee? sounds amazing.

i'd like to put this away for next summer.

THESE suede clogs.

an interesting list of books to consider for fall.

speaking of books, i want this "100 girls on cheap paper" coffee table book.

a gorgeous tote.

loving her wire mesh embroidery installations.

i never thought i'd wear a leather trench, until this.

it's okay. i liked this post. "it sometimes feels like we’re being tricked into thinking everyone else around us has it all figured out. we assume people just know “these things” and we’re expected to just know about x, y, and z. the older we get, the more we’re realizing it’s not true."

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