Wednesday, August 10, 2016

what are you reading these summer days?

are you occupying the quieter parts of your summer days reading? i've been on a suspense kick, i have to confess. i LOVE reading books where i cannot guess the end, even though i try to the entire length of the book. ;)

i've compiled a list of books through the recommendations of some of my favorite bloggers (which to be honest, is how i find some GREAT books!) in case you are in the market for a new read. some are new, some are a few years older now. some are suspenseful (YES!), and some, are just truly moving it seems in one way or another. so here it goes:

i just finished reading this, before the fall and IT. WAS. AWESOME. buy it here, read the new york times review, here.
i stumbled upon this while reading the new york times best seller list recently and am intrigued. it's now on my reading list.. buy heroes of the frontier here, new york times review, here.
the girls is getting alot of press, especially among fellow bloggers i follow. have you read it? great quote from the new york times review "what results is a historical novel that goes halfway down the rabbit hole and exquisitely reports back. then it pulls out, eschewing the terrifying, fascinating human murk." yikes. buy it here, read the new york times review, here.
this is how you lose her, recommended by 3 chairs (also a great blog!) through her comments section. buy it here, read the new york times review, here.
i've always loved reading about the history of the american south, the good, the bad and the ugly of it. the underground railroad is one of oprah's book club's most recent features and is absolutely on my reading list right now. the new york times describes it, in part, in this way: "the result is a potent, almost hallucinatory novel that leaves the reader with a devastating understanding of the terrible human costs of slavery." buy it here and read the new york times review, here.
night film was recommended by a commentator on designlovefest's blog. reading the review, the suspense seems right up my alley. but not sure about the stephen king-esque comparison! eeks. buy it here, read the new york times review, here.
reading the background of this memoir, the glass castle, i felt already hooked. also recommended here. if you like the sound of it too, buy it here, read the new york times review, here.
well, bottoms up! here's to quiet times, to read and enjoy the summer hours with. enjoy!

p.s. this is my next coffee table book indulgence.

*(i only list amazon as a source, you can also check these babies out at your local library!)

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